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6 Best Combine Harvesters in Farming Simulator 22

Top 6 Combines for FS22

Harvesters are one of the complex machineries of the Farming Simulator 22. Even thought the base game offers great harvesters for players, there are still a huge mod library to discover. In this matter, We have listed the best harvester mods in the game so far.

We have already listed the best mods for:

We will update and add more harvesters to the list as modders launch new mods to the library. Let’s get to the list now.

1. New Holland cr10.90

Best Harvester Mod in Farming Simulator 22-min

This mod is actually converted from FS19. Not only is the combine converted for FS22, so are 3 headers:

  • 3162 Superflex Draper 45FT (13.7 meters.)
  • Varifeed 41FT (12 meters.)
  • CR 980 corn header (10 meters.)

There aren’t too many shop options, unfortunately. You can customize the license plates, and that’s about it. However, it’s excellent to start threshing with the CR 10.90 again finally.

  • Model: New Holland CR 10.90
  • Base Price: 420,000
  • Hopper Capacity: 14,500 liters
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation
  • Modder: Tarczi007


  • 653 HP
  • 200,000 Liters
  • 3162 Terra Flex Draper 45FT
  • Working Width 13.7
  • Speed 15 Mph
  • 980CF 12R Corn and Sunflower Header Speed 15 Mph
  • All Is color changeable
  • Washable


2. COMBINE Harvester Pack

COMBINE Harvester Pack fs22 mod-min

This mod pack contains multiple harvesters and headers. A combine pack with an ideal and cutter and a ropa mouse with potato and sugar beet harvester


3. CLAAS LEXION 8900-5300

CLAAS LEXION 8900-5300 mod fs22 harvester-min


  • Price: 293430 $
  • Power: 313 hp – 790 hp
  • Max. speed: 40 kph
  • Capacity: 9,000 l – 18,000 l
  • Unloading rate: 380 l/s – 530 l/s
  • Type: – Walker combine (5000, 6000) – Hybrid combine (7000, 8000)


4. AGCO IDEAL Harvester

Best Harvester Mod in Farming Simulator 22-agco-min

A great collection of combine harvester mod with multiple color and other variety options. This mod offers many modifications as well. 

– Choice of main color and rim color
– Choice of colors and materials for the seats (fabric or leather)
– Brand choice (Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Challenger)
– Front tire or tape drive selectable
– Warning signs can be selected
– Tablet can be bought
– Animated display
– PowerFlow cutting unit with stalk divider, rapeseed knife, choice of color and brand selection (Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Challenger)


  • Price from 419,500 – 612,900 Euros
  • Output from 451 – 790 hp
  • Grain tank volumes from 12500 – 17100 liter
  • Travel speed 40 km/h
  • Working speed 10 km/h



CLAAS LEXİON 8900 XXXL V6 mod harvester-min


  • Price:  from $489,500 
  • Capacity: 48 – 50 tons
  • Travel speed: 40 km/h
  • Working speed: 10 km/h





  • Price:  from $216,000
  • Capacity: 48 – 50 tons
  • Performance: 547HP – 625HP
  • Category: Combine Harvester
  • Capacity: 14100l – 22905l
  • Travel speed: 40 km/h
  • Working speed: 10 km/h



The combine harvesters can come with different capacity and capability of sowing crop types. The headers of a combine harvesters are the key parts that is needed to be paid attention to. If you want to download the mods outside of the game’s mod library, you may want to check out our How to Install mods guide.

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