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Electric vehicle Jetson One is Ready to Fly

Swedish Jetson Aero announced that flying cars, which it offered for sale for $92,000, will be delivered to buyers. After electric cars, the revolution in automotive technology will be flying cars. Many companies are already making huge investments to develop their own flying cars.

One of these companies, Jetson Aero of Sweden, developed a personal flying car called Jetson One and offered it for sale for 92 thousand dollars last year.


Jetson One, a single-seater flying car, was made of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber material. It was reported that the vehicle, which weighs 86 kilograms, can accelerate to 101 kilometers per hour thanks to its 118 horsepower engine.

Jetson Aero stated that the vehicle can stay in the air for about 20 minutes and is classified as an ultralight aircraft in the USA. Therefore, a pilot license is not required to operate the vehicle in the USA.


Image Credit: Jetson

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