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How Can the Sun’s Core Rotate 4 Times Faster than its Surface?

The Sun’s core rotates once a week, and its surface rotates once a month. well how’s that be possible? Let’s explain briefly.

Now let’s suppose for a moment that the entire Sun is some liquid. If you stir a glass of water, the center will spin faster from the side. so the core spinning faster than the surface is intuitive.

The sun is not like the earth. that is, the fast-spinning core is not another star, but very hot pressurized hydrogen and helium.

The Sun core rotation faster sun layers
The Sun’s Layers

When the first nebula cloud collapsed around the center of mass, the particles began to move towards the center due to the effect of gravity. and the more it moved, the faster they had to spin. this is determined by the law of conservation of momentum. the sun is not solid like the earth, it is possible for different layers to have different rotational speeds.

For a good analogy you can think of a tornado. In the center of the hurricane, things are moving pretty fast. however, as the hurricane exits its centre, the velocity decreases and even drops to zero at the larger radius. this is possible due to the liquid nature of the air.

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