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South Korea’s plan to land on the moon and mine resources in 2032

Yonhap News Agency reported that South Korean President Yin Xiyue attended the “Future Space/Cosmic Economy Blueprint Conference” held at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul on the afternoon of the 28th.

Announced the “Blueprint for Future Cosmic Economic Development” and the vision of becoming a cosmic economic power within more than 20 years.

Yin Xiyue is preparing to successfully land on the moon in 2032 10 years later to mine lunar resources. In 2045, South Korea will achieve its goal of landing on Mars on its own.

Yin Xiyue emphasized that countries with a development vision for the universe will have the opportunity to dominate the world economy and solve human problems.

The dream of South Korea’s cosmic power is not a distant future, but an opportunity and hope for this generation of children and youth.

Yin Xiyue also promised six major policies and support programs, including exploring the moon and Mars, leaping into a space technology power, cultivating the space industry, cultivating space talents, achieving space security, leading international assistance programs, etc.

And it is planned to set up an aerospace agency centered on experts and projects under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Communication of South Korea.

The president himself serves as the chairman of the National Space Council.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Technology has launched a planning team for the establishment of the Space Agency starting from the 28th.

South Korean companies related to space development also jointly issued the “Joint Declaration for the Realization of Space Economy” after Yin Xiyue’s declaration.

More than 70 South Korean companies participated, including Hanwha Aerospace, lignex1, and KT SAT.

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