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Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro: Review and Performance



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Product Name: Explorer 1000 Pro
Brand: Jackery
Average Price: $1200

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Equipped with a 1,000 Wh lithium-ion battery, weighing less than 12 kg, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro solar generator can power all electronic devices, portable household appliances, and it recharges in less than two hours thanks to its photovoltaic panels. The ideal accessory for on-the-go leisure but also for saving energy at home.

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Long reserved for campers and other backpackers, portable solar electric generators are experiencing growing interest under the effect of energy sobriety which is essential to all.

Jackery has been one of the leaders in this market for ten years. This American company specializes in generators coupled to photovoltaic panels, of which it has already sold more than two million units.

The manufacturer has just launched its latest innovation: the Explorer 1000 Pro. It is a compact electrical station (340 x 262 x 256 mm), light (11.5 kg), which is very easy to transport thanks to its integrated handle.

Jackery has equipped it with all the connectors necessary to be able to supply most electrical and electronic devices (computer, tablet, telephone, console, drone, camera, etc.) and even small household appliances for camping: electric hob , lighting, coffee maker, fridge…

Thus, there are two standard 230 V sockets, two USB type C ports compatible with fast charging up to 100 W, two USB type A ports (18 W) a 12 V cigarette lighter port. bonus, there is even a powerful Led flashlight.

Connect up to seven devices simultaneously

Its 1,002 Wh battery can power up to seven devices at the same time. To give you an idea of the possibilities in nomadic mode, you can power an electric blanket for 14 hours, an 850 W kettle for one hour, a portable electric heater for 2.5 hours or even charge a laptop computer nine times (65 W).

And even if you’re not a fan of camping, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro can perform feats at home in the event of a power outage or simply to save money.

Indeed, it can power a 520 W refrigerator for 1.6 hours, a microwave oven for 1.2 hours, a 45 W fan.

The Explorer 1000 Pro can be recharged from the mains or via solar panels. It can be associated with two types of collapsible and easily transportable photovoltaic panels: up to four SolarSaga 200 W solar panels (the set forms the 1000 Pro Premium solar generator) or two SolarSaga 80 W solar panels (1000 Pro 160 W solar generator ).

A more environmentally friendly and practical solution than thermal generators.

Getting started with the Jackery 1000 Pro Premium solar generator

The first thing you notice when you unbox the Explorer 1000 Pro power station is its impeccable finish quality.

The plastic materials are robust and well adjusted, the protective covers of the silicone sockets open and close without difficulty. The wide and solid folding handle ensures a good grip.

The layout of the connectors on the front is clear and practical with a button for each category that triggers the power supply. In the center, a color screen displays key information: input power (solar or mains charge), output (consumption of connected devices), remaining battery life, estimated charging time depending on the mode chosen. It only takes a few minutes to master the operation of the Explorer 1000 Pro.

If the station can be recharged on the mains, its main asset is its ultra-fast charging system via solar panels.

By combining four SolarSaga 200 W (1000 Pro Premium solar generator), it only takes 1.8 hours to recharge the Explorer 1000 Pro to 100%. It’s as fast as plugging into the mains and it doesn’t cost a euro. Our handling allowed us to confirm that this promise is well respected. It takes about five minutes to install the four SolarSaga 200 W by connecting them in pairs using the cables provided.

Once connected to the station by the two entrances located at the back, production starts to run at an impressive rate. Everything has been really well thought out for easy and quick deployment, so that daily use of the Explorer 1000 Pro is perfectly possible.

An irreproachable quality of manufacture

We particularly appreciated the design of the SolarSaga 200 W, which folds and unfolds in a single movement in four parts and is easy to install thanks to their three integrated legs which give them the optimal inclination so that they operate at maximum efficiency.

In addition, they are IP67 certified, which allows them to withstand the elements. Each panel is supplied with an extension cable and a cover.

They are very easy to transport thanks to their integrated handle and take up minimal space when it comes to storing them. We are really on a well thought out and successful material for nomadic or common domestic use.

Double sided solar panels

We were also able to try the new SolarSaga 80 W portable panels. Light (5.1 kg), waterproof and dustproof (IP68), they are made of protected 2.8 mm tempered glass which ensures great robustness.

But their main interest is that they can capture the sun on both sides thanks to the extra-white glass which ensures a transmission rate of 92% and to the clever carrying case whose reflective lining is specially designed to reflect the rays. .

You can couple up to twelve SolarSaga 80 W. Here again, we take our hat off to Jackery for the quality of design and innovation in the service of simple and practical use.

A few examples of uses for the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro station

We were able to spend several weeks using the Explorer 1000 Pro station with the SolarSaga 80 W and SolarSaga 200 W.

Quite quickly, all the members of the household got into the habit of plugging in their telephone, wireless headphones, laptop, game console…

We had “fun” plugging in all sorts of household appliances: toaster, food processor, hair dryer, air dehumidifier, fan, coffee maker, lamp, etc.

In the garden, we were even able to use our corded hedge trimmer to free ourselves from the constraint of an extension cord. Of course, the autonomy and the time of use vary greatly according to the appetite of each device, but we can really make this station an alternative to the power outlet.

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