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Magnetic technology Car is tested in China for levitation roads

The magnetic levitation technology that makes up the maglev train has been applied to a new vehicle. This was done by a research team from Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China.

The magnets were placed on the vehicle and the bar on the 7.8 km road. The car, which turns into a maglev, hovers 35 millimeters above the road. In the video, the car is having problems with balance and swaying back and forth.


The first commercially operated high-speed superconducting Maglev train was opened in Shanghai in 2004, while others are in operation in Japan and South Korea. In the United States, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. A series of routes are explored to connect cities such as

In the maglev, superconducting magnets suspend a train car over a U-shaped concrete track. Like ordinary magnets, these magnets repel each other when paired poles come across.

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