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Metaverse could be a recruiting ground for terrorist organizations

A short while ago, we were talking about an Indian couple who decided to celebrate their wedding in the metaverse.

The couple could not hold a crowded wedding due to the coronavirus and they found the solution in the metaverse.

The Metaverse had allowed the couple to reunite almost 2,000 people. Although the Metaverse has such beneficial benefits, some researchers have recently expressed fears about it.

According to them, this new virtual world can indeed be used by some terrorist groups for their recruitment campaigns.


According to American scientists, this universe, which brings together the real and virtual worlds, can indeed create an ideal ground for various terrorist organizations.

This, for example, can make it possible to bring together potential future followers from all over the world during virtual meetings.

The leaders of these organizations can make speeches before important assemblies and thus gain new members.

Researchers also mentioned the attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump in January 2021.

Metaverse can make it possible to recreate certain locations in almost the same way and therefore better plan attacks. By knowing every corner of the targeted location, members of the organizations can then give an opportunity to prepare alternative routes and plans b in case of an unforeseen problem.

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