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Apple is re-sanctioned in the Netherlands

On February 14, 2022, Dutch competition authority ACM again fined Apple 5 million euros. In a decision made during the holiday season, apple had one month to get itself in order, or it would have been fined 5 million euros per week. After the first sanction at the end of January, now this is the fourth.

Following a complaint from Match Group, a dating app giant such as Tinder, Meetic, and OkCupid, the Dutch competition authority warned Apple to open the payment system so developers can integrate other alternatives. In addition, by directing users of these applications to payment platforms, Apple received a commission on it.

Match Group’s apps that complained about Apple

match group

In the United States, as in Europe, Apple is fighting hard to protect its golden chicken, the App Store. His commissions earned him $15 billion in 2021 alone.

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