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New smart glass windows may replace Wi-Fi

Researchers have developed a connected glass that can transmit data using sunlight. Using sunlight to send data will offer a more environmentally friendly communication model compared to traditional Wi-Fi or cellular data transfer. The developed system will provide data flow to electronic devices with solar energy.

Environmentally friendly technologies are becoming more and more important as global warming is becoming more and more serious. For this purpose, researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia created a wireless network that enables data flow using windows.

Sunlight entering through a window can be used directly for wireless data transmission to electronic devices.

The researchers designed a smart glass system that can modulate the sunlight passing through it, encoding the data into light that can be detected and decoded by devices in the room.

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Polarize ışıkla iletilen veriler

Researchers designed a new dual-cell liquid crystal shroud (DLS) by stacking two liquid crystal cells working in opposite ways and built our sunlight modulator with an array of DLS.

This modulation can be detected by the smartphone camera and decoded. Since these windows do not emit light, they do not consume much energy, so they can be operated by a small power.

Currently, the data rate is limited to only 16 kilobits per second. But researchers hope to improve it to reach megabits per second or gigabits. The main weakness of these windows is that they only work during the day.

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