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OpenAI’s first developer conference: Will there be GPT-5?

OpenAI will hold its first developer conference, OpenAI DevDay, on November 6, two months later. During the full-day event, the OpenAI team will lead hundreds of developers to preview new tools and exchange new ideas. As for what kind of new tools and new products there will be, it is left to everyone’s imagination.

The outside world is concerned about whether the rumored next-generation GPT-5 model has completed training and was selected to be published on OpenAI DevDay. OpenAI CEO Altman (Sam Altman) tweeted that “there will be no GPT-5, GPT-4.5 or similar models.” .

Although there is no GPT-5, OpenAI recently acquired AI start-up Global Illumination. Whether it will use its development experience to create creative tools or innovative digital experiences, and whether the GPT-4 model is applied to image understanding may have the opportunity to be presented at OpenAI DevDay Get clearer answers.

It is worth mentioning that people have doubts about the large-scale generation of misinformation and content suspected of plagiarism by generative AI.

OpenAI recently closed the AI ​​content detection tool, and continues to study more effective text provenance technology. Perhaps we have the opportunity to see the birth of a successor tool on OpenAI DevDay.

Now more than 2 million developers have used OpenAI products such as GPT-4, GPT-3.5, DALL·E, Whisper, etc. It is worth looking forward to the OpenAI DevDay on November 6 to reveal more new AI tools and products.

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