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Poimo inflatable electric scooter fits into a backpack

What could be more useful than a folding bike? It weighs only 5 kg or 11 pounds including wheels and battery. Designed by the University of Tokyo, the inflatable bike fits into a backpack and inflates in 1 minute.

Better than a scooter or folding bike, this inflatable electric bike is ultra-light and fits easily in a backpack. The electric scooter or bike called Poimo (Portable and Inflatable MObility) is inflated in a few minutes with the help of a pump. Then simply add the wheels, the electric motor, the battery and the remote integrated into the handlebars. Total weight is 12 pounds (5.5 kg).

In addition to its light weight, the Poimo also reduces the risk of injury in an accident and is easily repaired. It can be customized with add-ons and is expected to be much cheaper than traditional e-bikes, although we don’t know the price yet. Targeting both children and active city dwellers, the bike is still in the prototype stage.

First image resource: youtube/Dezeen

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