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Physical SIM cards will be history soon

The tiny chips that record the information in our mobile phones are now almost history. With the e-SIM arrangement, a small chip embedded in smartphones will now see the function of the sim card.

New updates, regulations and technological developments about smartphones never end. Finally, the digital e-SIM card application embedded in the phones has been replaced by the small chip cards that we place in the phones.

The digital SIM card is the SIM card of the future

Wondering if there will be a physical SIM card soon? Not long ago, the digital SIM card made its appearance. Previously, it was always the case that when you bought a new phone, you got a plastic SIM card with it.

You shoved this in a drawer of the phone, which could sometimes be quite annoying, and then you manually transferred your phone numbers into your sim only subscription. With the arrival of the digital SIM card, the end seems to have come for the plastic SIM card. Or not? In this article we tell you what the digital SIM card is and what the advantages are.

What is a Digital SIM card?

The digital SIM card is also known as eSIM. This special SIM card is built into the phone via a small chip. When you choose a phone with an eSIM option, you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting a plastic SIM card in the tray of your phone or manually transferring your current phone numbers.

When you register with your new smartphone, you choose which provider you are with. The digital SIM card chip will then download the data and settings you need to activate the eSIM.

Furthermore, the normal SIM card and the digital SIM card are almost the same, unless you can now also combine them and use the regular SIM card prepaid when you are traveling.


The digital SIM card is the SIM card of the future

The various advantages of the digital SIM card
You no longer have to put a SIM card in your phone with the arrival of the eSIM.

This is not only pleasant for you, but also for the phone manufacturers. For example, there is no need to make a drawer to slide in the SIM card and the eSIM takes up very little space as a small chip. It can also make a phone more water-resistant and dust-resistant.

The manufacturer can also choose to use the new available space for a better battery or to design a lighter smartphone.

The eSIM takes up so little space in the smartphone. What is also very advantageous about using a digital SIM card is that you will no longer have to deal with the disadvantages of the plastic SIM card that you always had to deal with before. It can no longer break or be stolen.

You also no longer have to wait long for the SIM card to be sent by post and you can use it immediately on your new smartphone. Ideal right? And what is perhaps the best thing is that your telephone numbers are transferred immediately and you do not have to waste time on this.

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