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iOS 16.2 will introduce custom accessibility settings

Apple released the latest iOS 16.2 Beta 2 version this week for developers to conduct public testing, and is expected to be officially launched in December.

From the Beta 2 version, you can see that Apple has introduced the latest “custom accessibility” settings, in addition to new features such as an updated version of the “Home” app and TV show Freeform.

In the new version 16.2, Apple will replace the existing version “Springboard” with a screen user interface (UI) code-named “Clarity”, so there will be major changes in the user’s visual and screen operation interface.

Among them, in the new version of “Custom Accessibility” settings, iPhone and iPad users will be able to add more personal preferences to the “Guided Usage Mode”.

There is more room for adjustment including frame, font style, size and display.

In addition, users can also add a lock password for the auxiliary function settings, so as not to be arbitrarily adjusted by others, and quickly press the main button three times to turn on/off the auxiliary function mode.

Apple is currently scheduled to officially launch iOS 16.2 in December, so all iPhone and iPad users can look forward to the new user interface.

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