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Ranch Simulator: How to Buy and Sell a Vehicle?

This game, developed by Toxic Dog and published by Excalibur Games, was released on March 4, 2021 on Steam. Ranch Simulator places us in the shoes of a character who has just inherited his grandfather’s ranch. In a very bad state, it will therefore have to be refurbished and enlarged. Although the game has some instruction on how to do some basics tasks at the beginning of the game, it can be a little bit confusing later on. 

Where to Buy a Vehicle in Ranch Simulator?

Buying a vehicle in Ranch Simulator is not a complex task to do. Here is a few simple steps to help you buy a car, ATV or a big truck to transfer your farm animals:

  • Hit M to open your Map
  • Click on Car Shop to mark it on the map for navigation
  • Go to the Car Shop and Enter
  • Ranch-Simulator-How-to-Buy-a-Vehicle-min
  • Press E to interact with the screen in the shop
  • You can buy vehicles on the screen

You will be able to unlock more vehicle by doing some tasks and quests. Constructing new building and buying cars will unlock more items and tools as you progress the game. It is good to purchase a vehicle with big trunk to transport your farm’s eggs, meat and animals. 

How To Sell your vehicle in Ranch Simulator?

You can sell your vehicle in the car shop’s garage which is just beside the shop’s entrance. Drive inside the garage and you will see an interface that lets you sell, paint and upgrade your vehicles. You may also add some features like radio to your vehicles in garage as well.


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