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Ranch Simulator: How to sell eggs?

Ranch Simulator is a farming simulation game that allows players to build a farm, rise chicken, hunt wild animals etc. The game is still in early access therefore there is not a detailed in-game manual. So in this matter, we will be showing you how to sell eggs in this particular guide.

How to Collect the Eggs?

Assuming you already have a chicken coop and chickens that can lay eggs. The next steps is to collect the unfertilized eggs to sell. In order to collect eggs, you will need a basket. You can buy a basket in store.

  • After you get the basket in your hand, walk to the chicken coop
  • Look for eggs.
  • Point to the eggs and It will be highlighted with green color
  • Hit E key on your keyboard to get the egg into basket
  • An egg basket can hold up to 30 eggs
  • You can point to egg basket to see the numbers of normal eggs and fertilized eggs

Ranch Simulator How to sell egg basket-min

After collecting all the eggs, It is time to find the fertilized eggs and get them out of the basket. To find the fertilized eggs, you will need an ovoscope monitor tool. You can buy it in store.

Ranch Simulator How to sell egg fertilized-min

Now you have to get the eggs one by one and place them on the ovoscope. The ovoscope can hold 4 eggs at a time. After that just toggle up the tool by pressing E key. It will lighten up the eggs. If you see any dark spots on the eggs then it means that egg is fertilized. Take that egg out of the tool and place to chicken coop again.

Where to Sell the Eggs?

After collecting enough eggs, it is time to make some money. You will need a vehicle to transport the eggs if you have more than one baskets.

  • Grab the basket and place back of your vehicle
  • Go to General Store
  • Place the basket on the cart sign
  • Ranch Simulator How to sell eggs to store-min
  • Go inside General Store
  • Interact with the screen
  • Click on Sell button left-top of the screen
  • Ranch Simulator How to sell egg fertilized screen-min
  • Don’t sell the egg basket
  • Get your egg basket and place on your car
  • Repeat the process and earn money

The price of the eggs and other product can be fluctuating from time to time. It is better to check the  price before selling.

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