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SpaceX and JSX sign the first in-flight Wi-Fi agreement

With the deployment of more and more SpaceX Starlink satellites, the day has come to enter the aviation Wi-Fi market.

 JSX private charter company recently announced that it has signed a contract with SpaceX to become the first company to connect to the Starlink satellite network on an aircraft, and is expected to officially provide services before the fourth quarter.


High-speed and low-latency satellite networks in Planes

Since the launch of the first set of Starlink satellites in 2019, SpaceX has rapidly built its own low-orbit communication satellite galaxy, providing high-speed and low-latency satellite networks for many remote areas on Earth that require high-cost construction of base stations road service. 

So far, SpaceX has launched more than 2,335 satellites, about 1,600 of which have been put into operation in orbit, and tens of thousands of satellites will fly into space in the future.

But in addition to promoting a high-speed satellite network covering the earth, SpaceX has also been trying to apply Starlink to commercial aircraft, and has conducted connection tests on several aircraft over the past year. 

Now, JSX, a short-haul airline providing private charter services in the United States, announced on its official Twitter that they will become the first airline in the world to use the Starlink satellite network to support in-flight Wi-Fi.

JSX flights to and from Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas and New York, among others, a plane with a total of 30 seats. “CNBC” reported that the JSX aircraft has currently installed antennas to receive Starlink satellite signals, and related services are waiting for regulatory approval.

With this technology, We will be able to play low latency online games, videocall our family, watch movies, streams, shows and series in planes. The time will pass fast in planes now.

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