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Starfield: Best locations to find Argon

Argon is one of the gaseous resource in Starfield. It can also be found as a solid material just like lead or iron. There are a few ways to collect this material in the game. But first, you need to find the resource beforehand. 

What is the use of Argon in Starfield?

Argon is a fairly abundant resource back on Earth, though its unclear how much of it you’ll find out in the Settled Systems. Argon has several uses which could make an appearance in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.

What Planets have Argon Resource?

Although Argon is relatively common in Starfield’s system, some planets and moons have more common Argon element than others. The easiest locations to find this material is Jemison, Niira, Akila, Nesoi. As we still explore the game and find better places to farm Argon, we will be updating the guide time to time. 

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