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Starfield: How to Sell from Ship Inventory?

There’s a bunch of different places you can sell your hard-earned items and gears. The only thing is there’s no maps in this game. So you got to find them on your own but there are some places that are guaranteed you’ll be able to sell.

Finding a selling location

To go to a selling point, you will need to find a big city. The easiest way to find a city district is to follow the main story line. 

  • Open your map by pressing M key.
  • Press Tab to open star systems
  • Find Alpha Centauri
  • Go to Alpha Centauri
  • Starfield How to Sell from Ship Inventory-min
  • Then go to Jemison
  • When you land there, There will be a spaceport technician
  • There is a selling Point which is like an ATM machine right next to spaceport.
  • You can also sell at Commercial District.
  • Starfield How to Sell from Ship Inventory selling point
  • You can use your Scanner to find main location and Fast Travel.
  • There’ll be one of the best places is just go to the commercial district and if you fast travel there then when you go straight to the commercial District


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