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Starfield: How to Store items in your Ship?

Starfield’s massive open-world comes with unlimited items to farm and collect. However, it might be little bit annoying to over encumber time to time. Carrying over limit of your capacity will quickly spend your oxygen AKA stamina faster. So it is a good starting point to learn how to store your item in your ship.

How to store items to your Ship?

To offload your belongings into your ship’s Cargo Hold, here is what you need to do:

  • Board your ship.
  • Open your inventory (I).
  • Press Q (Keyboard) or LB (Controller) to switch over to the Cargo Hold view. This opens the list of all items inside your ship.
  • Press Q or LB again. This opens the inventory with the intention of depositing items in the Ship Cargo Hold.
  • Select the items you want to store and press E (Keyboard) or A (Controller).
    The items will be transferred to your ship.

How to Increase Ship Cargo Hold Capacity in Starfield

There are a few options you can consider to increase your cargo hold space. Firstly, you can add additional cargo holds onto your ship in the Ship Builder. You can also buy a new ship with a higher cargo capacity, complete a faction mission, or put points into the Payload perk to increase your cargo hold capacity in Starfield.

Completing a faction mission such as the Freestar Rangers questline will grant you a ship with a whopping 2.2k cargo capacity. This should be more than enough to get you into the mid-late game.

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