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Tesla Semi Truck is open for pre-order but delivery time unknown

The Tesla Semi pure electric truck is finally on sale, and consumers can pre-order this pure electric truck as long as they pre-pays  $20,000 as website indicates.

More than 5 years after its publication, Tesla’s pure electric truck head Semi is finally open for pre-order. Tesla has already provided online pre-orders in North America. Consumers need to pay a deposit of $5,000 by credit card, and then pay the balance of $15,000 within the next 10 days to complete the pre-order.

But don’t make random orders because the first $5,000 is fully refundable, but the full $20,000 deposit may not be possible.

Due to the long waiting time, many people have forgotten the power of this pure electric truck head, so here is a quick review. Equipped with four motors, the Semi has a load of 36 tons. It only takes 20 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 Mph, and has a maximum range of 800 kilometers. Of course, it also has the Autopilot function that Tesla is proud of.


Pepsi got 15 Tesla Semi trucks in January this year

It was first published in 2017, and many companies have placed orders since then. Pepsi, the first company to place an order, finally got the first batch of 15 vehicles in January this year, reassuring many companies that have already placed orders. Several large customers are still waiting for delivery, including Walmart and FedEx, all expecting pure electric trucks to reduce logistics carbon emissions.

The strength of Semi and Cybertruck both rely on Tesla’s self-designed 4680 battery, but the new battery still does not have a real mass production scale. Judging from Tesla’s opening of Semi online pre-orders, this not only helps them add cash, but also symbolizes 4680. The battery mass production progress may be on track.

Image Source: Tesla

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