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The Most wanted second hand smartphone is iPhone 11

The world is being swept by a wave of inflation, and the media reported that the global smartphone market has slowed down, and many consumers are temporarily not considering buying the new Apple iPhone 14. Demand for new phones has decreased, and consumers in need of iPhones may turn to the second-hand market.

Which iPhone consumers want to buy most in most countries’ second-hand mobile phone market? The latest survey results of “SOGI Mobile King” show that the top ten second-hand iPhone transactions in July, and the iPhone 11 128GB launched in September 2019 is the most concerned by second-hand iPhone consumers.

In July, the iPhone 11 128GB was the most quoted by telecom banks in Asia, and it was also the model most viewed by netizens.

The top ten second-hand iPhone models with the most quotations from communication banks are iPhone 11 128GB, iPhone 12 128GB, iPhone 13 128GB, iPhone 11 64GB, iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB, iPhone XR 128GB, iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB , iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB, iPhone XS 64GB.

Maybe some people don’t want to buy the latest mobile phone, but what if they don’t want to buy a second-hand iPhone? “SOGI Mobile Phone King” pointed out that except for the iPhone XS 64GB, there are no new models for sale, and other models can be bought in the communication industry.

The top 10 most viewed second-hand iPhones in July were iPhone 11 128GB, iPhone 13 128GB, iPhone 12 128GB, iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, iPhone XR 128GB, iPhone 12 Pro 128GB, iPhone 11 64GB, iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB, iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB, iPhone X 64GB.

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