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Tips You should know before taking pictures underwater with your smartphone

It wouldn’t be summer without your favorite gadgets, but be careful if you get too close to them on the water. This article explains the rules you must follow if you want to take pictures or a video underwater with your smartphone.

Important points to know before taking underwater pictures

  • The lure of filming underwater adventures during summer vacations, in the swimming pool or at sea is great. Be sure to check which waterproof certificate your phone has when taking photos.
  • While many smartphones have immersion protection standards, you should know exactly what they correspond to and follow certain guidelines.
  • Voluntarily using your smartphone underwater is not recommended, especially as it will void your device’s warranty.

Different protection indices

Before taking pictures underwater, you should check the two numbers that follow “IP” (for Protection Index). The first of these 6 means that the device is protected against dust deposits. If it is followed by 5 (IP65), it indicates that it is protected against water currents such as under the shower.

The second digit 6 (IP66) indicates that it can withstand strong water currents such as waves. (IP67) standard, the smartphone is waterproof to one meter for thirty minutes. And (IP68) indicates that it can withstand more than one meter of water for one hour.

Display and button may not work properly under water

Next, you need to know that taking pictures or filming with a smartphone underwater is not as easy as it seems. Those who have tried it know that we don’t see much on the screen, and worse yet, the touch buttons become inoperable underwater.

Therefore, if you want to shoot a video, you can take a photo or video with your phone before you immerse your device in water, make the right settings, and even set the time before immersing your phone in water.

Cleaning and Drying your phone

You should dry your smartphone or even rinse it with clean water if you have used it in the open sea, salt water may damage some parts of the device due to the crystals it contains.

The main thing here is to dry its connector and drain any water that may have gotten into its speakers. Avoid cotton swabs or any cloth that may leave lint on it. Similarly, hair dryer should be avoided as heat can damage your device.

You can use waterproof equipment

First of all, remember that any damage to your smartphone caused by water is not covered by the warranty. And that damage can result in an expensive repair that will leave your phone unusable for several days. Finally, you can use a waterproof phone case to use your smartphone underwater.

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