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What are small satellites and what are they used for?

In recent years, the space world has witnessed the departure of more and more small satellites. What are these little satellites? For what purpose is it being sent into space? All the questions are in our article.

How big are the small satellites?

There are four main categories of small satellites:

  • Nano satellites: less than 60 kilos.
  • Microsatellites: 60 to 200 kilos.
  • Mini satellites: 200 to 500 kilos.
  • Cube satellite: These are nano satellites defined by volume, not mass.

These figures may vary by country.

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What are their Purpose of use?

There are small satellites produced to respond to an educational or demonstration project, and small satellites produced for a daily or commercial need, or small satellites with an operational mission.

Small satellites are used in many areas. For example, such as technological development, research, geolocation and more.

Large and small satellites are complementary and can work in integration with larger satellites and provide greater benefits as a team.
Finally, nano satellites provide much lower costs than large satellites.

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