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What is a keylogger? How to find out and delete it?

Of all the malware circulating on the internet, keyloggers are among the worst. Because it can transmit everything you type on your keyboard to bad people.

Read on to learn more about how keyloggers work, how dangerous they are, and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

For what purpose is keylogger used?

A keylogger can collect and transmit your login password, passwords, credit card code, name and much more. Keylogger is not a virus as it does not change anything on the computer, it only records the information typed on the keyboard.

It is spyware that runs in the background. The keylogger is usually software, but in rare cases it can be hardware in the form of a box or cable that sits between the keyboard and the computer.

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How does it get into your computer?

Like other malware, Keylogger is mostly spread over the Internet, usually in the form of a Trojan horse. Trojans are programs disguised as useful tools that contain malicious software that has been installed on your computer without your knowledge.

Once installed, keyloggers run in the background and record everything you type. Stolen information is often encrypted and sent to hackers.

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How to detect and remove keyloggers?

Here’s how to detect keyloggers on your computer:

Look for keyloggers in your running processes.

Open Windows Task Manager and look for suspicious programs. This will allow you to have a complete overview of the applications running on your PC. Unfortunately, this technique only works if you are technically savvy enough to recognize the keylogger.

Check your firewall’s activity log for suspicious activity.

Use a firewall to monitor and control what goes in and out of your device. Keyloggers send your data to a remote location, but they need an internet connection. So anything sent will show up in your firewall’s activity log.

Use antivirus program to scan and remove keyloggers.

Instead of going through a long list of applications and processes manually, use an antivirus or a reliable keylogger detection application to scan your computer. It is the fastest and easiest way to find and remove suspicious programs from your computer.

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How do you protect yourself from keyloggers?

Here’s how to protect your computer from keyloggers:

  1. Always use an antivirus program to prevent suspicious applications from being installed on your computer without your knowledge.
  2. Configure firewalls to block Internet access to unauthorized applications.
  3. Lock your computer. I hope no one in your house has trust issues, but just in case, lock your computer when you’re not using it. So no one can access your computer while you are away.
  4. Be careful when using public or shared computers. Do not use public or shared computers to access your bank, email or social media accounts or send sensitive information via instant messaging.
  5. Use a reliable password manager to access your accounts quickly and securely without having to enter your details every time. This way, keyloggers cannot steal your login information.
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