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Smartphones are now the first target of hackers

A report by mobile cybersecurity firm Zimperium claims that more than 10 million mobile devices, in 214 countries, were affected by cyber threats last year. The smartphone has become a prime target for phishing. 

You can use a VPN to protect your data especially in free Wi-Fi points.

Smartphones are Number 1 Target of Hackers

We suspected it and it’s confirmed, smartphones are now the number 1 target of cyberattacks . It must be said that the mobile accompanies everyone on a daily basis and sometimes replaces the laptop or desktop computer for certain actions. In all, according to the latest report from cybersecurity firm Zimperium and its analytics lab zLabs, more than 10 million mobile devices in 214 countries were affected by cyber threats in 2021.

Last year, the lab team identified more than two million new strains of smartphone malware A huge number, because it means that more than 5,000 new strains have appeared every day. In terms of threats, more than malware, what hackers are essentially looking for is phishing, that is to say the recovery of identifiers .

Phishing targets smartphones

It must be said that on a smartphone , the user is less suspicious and protection solutions are rarely installed. In all, Zimperium detected more than 500,000 phishing sites last year. Among them, mobile versions accounted for 75% of phishing sites. Fake sites even exploded by 50% compared to the previous year.

Sites have also become more sophisticated, with the widespread use of sites with the notorious HTTPS , usually indicating a certified trusted site. It then becomes complicated to distinguish legitimate sites from fake ones. The company believes that in just two years, the arrival of 5G , lockdowns and devices always connected and outside the office have significantly changed the nature of attacks. A revolution to which the current cybersecurity infrastructure is struggling to adapt.

How to Protect your phone from hackers ?

Most people don’t use any anti-virus  or ant protection software on their smartphone. Hackers are well aware of this situation. 

It is actully very easy for a hacker to access your data when you use a common Wi-Fi. To avoid that, We recommend using a VPN service where your internet access will be encrypted and protected no matter what Wi-fi you are connected. 

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Mehmet S. Kaya
Mehmet S. Kaya
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