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Dell, VMware and NVIDIA join forces to simplify AI infrastructure

Dell announced today that it has teamed up with VMware and NVIDIA to create a new infrastructure solution (Dell VxRail).

Dell VxRail will be able to provide more advanced automation technology and more powerful performance for enterprises’ multi-cloud and edge strategies, and accelerates digital transformation through real-time data analysis to improve critical decisions.

The newly launched Dell VxRail hyperconverged (HCI) solution is an NVIDIA DPU solution co-designed with VMware and based on a hyperconverged infrastructure.

It is also the industry’s first HCI solution certified with the latest software suite from NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native AI and data analytics software suite optimized, certified and supported by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-Certified Systems for rapid deployment in hybrid cloud environments , manage and scale AI workloads.

Through the VxRail HCI system software, users can better control AI deployment, and can verify, orchestrate and automate cluster deployment according to the planned schedule to meet the needs of enterprises with strong requirements for remote or distributed AI environments.

Liang Huihua, deputy general manager of technology at Dell Technologies, said that observing that enterprises want to simplify multi-cloud and edge deployment, improve IT efficiency and effectiveness, and meet the needs of instant data analysis,

In particular, demand in the technology manufacturing, service retail, financial and health care industries has increased significantly.

Liang Huihua further explained that although more and more enterprises want to use AI to obtain business benefits, for them, integrating AI solutions and infrastructure is the biggest obstacle.

As a result, Dell and VMware are working on multiple joint engineering projects in core IT areas such as multi-cloud, edge and security to simplify data management;

And partner with NVIDIA to make it easier to deploy, scale, and manage AI infrastructure and workloads to leverage AI business advantages and enable faster transformation.

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