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The world’s largest electric boat with a capacity of 2,100 people

Electric vehicles can help reduce carbon emissions, so if ferries that are larger and use more fuel are electrified, can they further reduce carbon emissions?

From Australia, currently the world’s largest electric ferry is expected to be delivered within the next two years, it can carry 2,100 passengers and their vehicles.

Australian high-speed boat ferry manufacturer Incat Tasmania is ready to deliver the 148-metre Utility Ro-Pax ferry, which will be the largest electric boat in the world.

Designed by Revolution Design and built by Incat, the ferry is powered by two electric motors (5-9.6MW) under the hull, giving it a top speed of 25 knots and a maximum range of 100 nautical miles. In addition to being fully loaded with more than 2,000 people, 226 vehicles can also be transported at the same time.

Shipping company Buquebus will use the electric boat to carry passengers between Argentina and Uruguay.

In fact, the original design of this ship was to use liquefied natural gas as fuel to reduce exhaust emissions.

However, Incat and Buquebus believe that since environmental protection is to be emphasized, it is better to go straight to pure electricity.

Incat Tasmania Australian manufacturer electric boat
Incat’s “world’s largest electric ferry” for Buquebus (Source: Incat)

More in line with customer needs, but also enhance brand awareness.

Incat expects to build the world’s first zero-carbon emission light boat on the Australian island of Tasmania. Unsurprisingly, battery weight and battery life will cause major design troubles.

This pure electric boat will be equipped with a 400-ton battery, and a large amount of aluminum will be used to replace the original steel to reduce the overall weight.

Shipping accounts for 3% of global carbon emissions, and electrification will significantly reduce carbon emissions from ships,

What is even more attractive to shipping companies is that the maintenance cost of electric ships may be reduced by up to 80% compared with traditional ships.

However, judging from the existing technology, unless high-efficiency power generation technology is equipped on board, it is almost impossible to achieve long-distance electric boats.

However, starting from short-distance shipping and gradually accumulating experience, I believe that it will eventually be possible in the future.

Let alone other people, just for the Sun Moon Lake cruise, if you can switch to an electric boat to eliminate the annoying noise and diesel smell, it will definitely add a lot to the sightseeing experience.

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