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Hovering Electric boats will be in service in Stockholm

Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela hopes to launch its first fleet of boats in Stockholm in 2023, promising faster and above all, much more ecological travel than traditional public transport.

The first test of the Candela P-12 will take place at the end of 2022 between the municipality of Ekerö to the west of Stockholm and the capital, Stockholm. It is aimed that the journey of approximately fifteen kilometers will take only 25 minutes. If the tests are successful, public transport in Stockholm will be provided by these boats from 2023.

These 12-meter-long boats can take about thirty passengers. The range of the boats is around 100 km. Under the hull of the boat, there are sunken wings, which allow them to take off a little above the water and reduce the drag force.

After the speed of the boat exceeds 16 knots, the wings move and the boat accelerates by taking off slightly. By flying above the water, the P-12 promises both a faster and more comfortable journey.

With an estimated cruising speed of 25 knots (equivalent to 46 km/h), this boat can usually halve the time spent on certain routes. Candela promises a quiet boat, low-maintenance and much lower cost compared to other equivalent models.

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