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10 largest wind farms in the world

The number of mega wind farms is increasing. Most of the giants are in the USA. The largest are in China and India. The proliferation of renewable energies continues at full speed around the world. One of the most important renewable energy sources is wind energy.

Renewable resources are becoming more and more important

According to industry service Power Technology, more than 350,000 wind turbines are currently in operation worldwide. Considering the demands for environmentally friendly energy sources, the use of wind energy is expected to become more widespread in the coming years.

More and more countries are taking measures to convert electricity generation into wind power and other renewable sources, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

High altitude areas are preferred for large-scale construction due to higher wind speeds and lower drag. The first “mega wind farm” was built in New Hampshire (USA) in December 1980 with 20 turbines and had a power generation of 0.6 MW.

The list of the 10 largest wind farms in the world:

1. Jiuquan Wind Power Base, China

2. Jaisalmer Wind Park, India

3. Alta Wind Energy Center, USA

4. Muppandal Wind Farm, India

5. Shepherd Flat Winds, USA

6. Roscoe Wind Farm, USA

7. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, USA

8. Back of Capricorn, USA

9. Walney Extension Offshore, UK

10. London Array Offshore, UK

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