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Amazon establishes a quantum network research center to form a quantum network

Amazon announced the introduction of quantum computing in cloud services on the 21st, and established the AWS Quantum Network Center (CQN), focusing on long-term quantum computing research, hoping to release the potential of quantum devices to form a quantum network.

Amazon set up a quantum computing center for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as early as last year, and made several investments to provide developers IonQ, Oxford QUantum Circuits, Rigetti and D-Wave and other companies with access to quantum computer hardware and software tools.

The AWS Quantum Networking Center aims to advance quantum computer networking and related scientific engineering initiatives to build more powerful multiprocessor computing networks and secure quantum communication networks.

Quantum networks can connect single photons to quantum devices rather than through lasers, but quantum mechanics has limitations on single photons, limiting the scope of quantum networks.

AWS Quantum Computing Center focuses on scientific research projects such as qubits and error correction algorithms, focusing on long-term quantum computing research, hoping to release the potential of quantum devices to form quantum networks.

Business Wire reports that AWS joins Q-NEXT, a quantum research center consisting of 13 companies, 10 universities, and 3 DOE national laboratories, that is developing the science and technology for controlling and distributing quantum information to advance quantum technology.

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Source: Announcing the AWS Center for Quantum Networking

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