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Fastest Internet Record Broken at 319 Terabits Per Second

Just like the world’s fastest supercomputers, countries compete with each other to break the world’s fastest internet record.

Finally, a new record attempt came from Japan. Breaking the record, Japanese engineers raised the bar to an unattainable level.

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In the test conducted in the first days of 2022, Japanese engineers achieved an internet speed of 319 terabits per second and broke the record. The previous record was recorded as 178 terabits per second.

In the new trial, the transfer took place between two points with a distance of 3 thousand kilometers and it was stated that the speed did not decrease for 3 thousand kilometers.

internet hız rekoru

Japanese engineers used an optical fiber cable that can combine four-core and multiple waves during the said trial.

It was stated that the four-core optical fiber cables used were compatible with today’s technology. He said they will work for him.

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