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Wearable Chair: A body exoskeleton that helps you sit anywhere

This may be a must for queuing. German company noonee has launched the second generation of “wearable chairs”. For those who need to stand for long periods of time and do not want to carry a chair or low stool with them, there are now lighter and more comfortable options.

As early as 2014, noonee launched the first generation Chairless Chair, which mainly focuses on the lower body exoskeleton bracket that will not hinder walking. As long as the user squats or sits down, it will provide you with support and will not fall back. Now noonee has launched The new generation Chairless Chair 2.0.

The principle is the same as the first generation, and there are belts and thigh loops that can be fixed. The Chairless Chair 2.0 uses variable dampers to support the user’s weight, simply bend the knees to the height you want to sit, engaging the dampers secures the seat of the stand, and the weight is directed to the heel of the shoe.

The weight of the 2.0 is also reduced by 25% from the original 3.4 kg. Overall, it is a lighter and more comfortable design. It is also more flexible and safe because it is connected to the heel. At the same time, it can adjust the height according to the user’s height, from 150 Centimeter to 2 meter users are suitable.

But noonee has yet to announce the price and availability of Chairless Chair 2.0, and perhaps everything will have to wait for the announcement at the Hanover Fair in Germany at the end of May.

Source: Chairless Chair 2.0 – The new generation

Image Credit: noonee

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