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Engineers developed a robot smaller than a flea

The crab-shaped micro-robot developed by Northwestern University is even smaller than a flea, making it impossible to find. However, the movement speed of the robot is quite slow and can move at a speed of about half the body length per second.

The robot has no complex hardware, hydraulic or electric drive. The power comes from the flexibility of the robot itself. When heated, the material transforms into a “memory” shape, so that as long as it is heated, its movement can be controlled.

Bir pireden daha küçük bir milimetre boyutunda robot
Credit: Northwestern University


The movement patterns of the robot depend on the temperature. The robot can be activated to move, turn and jump with laser beams from afar. The laser not only remotely controls the movements of the robot, but also the direction of the laser beams determines the direction of the robot’s movement.

This tiny robot can be useful in many industries especially healthcare sector. It can be used  as surgical tool to clear clogged arteries and clear tumors. 

Tiny robotic crab is smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot

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