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It is rumored that TSMC’s 1nm Process to be settled in Longtan, Taoyuan

In response to the news that the leading wafer foundry TSMC’s 1-nanometer advanced process may settle in Longtan, Taoyuan, the Bamboo Branch Administration recently issued a statement stating that there is no land available for lease in the Longtan Park.

TSMC is one of the biggest and most important semiconductor manufacturer in the world. According to Statictica, TSMC has a market cap of $321.58 Billion, making it 18th most valuable company in the world. TSMC has been a crucial supplier to many huge consumer electronics corporations such as Apple, NVIDIA and AMD.

If the manufacturer still needs industrial development, the Bamboo Branch Administration will handle it in accordance with the regulations and actively assist the industrial development.

According to media reports, following the Bamboo 2nm plant, it is understood that TSMC will start a pilot program. It is expected that the latest 2nm (1nm) process will be located in the Taoyuan Longtan Park under the Hsinchu Science Park.

This also means that the National Science and Technology Association will launch the third phase of the Longtan Park reporting process next year to expand the northern semiconductor settlement.

According to the report, according to scientific and technological sources, TSMC’s next advanced process base is determined to be located in the Taoyuan Longtan Base in the Zhuke Park.

Since TSMC already has 2 advanced packaging and testing plants in Longke, coupled with the geographical and talent support of Bamboo Branch, this is the best position.

In this regard, TSMC stated that there are many factors to consider when choosing the location of the factory.

A Plan for 1-Nanometer Processors

TSMC will continue to invest in advanced manufacturing processes in Taiwan, and will not rule out any possibility, and will continue to evaluate the suitability of the land for semiconductor construction in Taiwan.

TSMC said that everything is based on the company’s official external announcement.

Regarding the rumor that TSMC will set up a 1nm plant in Longtan, the Bamboo Branch Administration also issued a statement stating that the development of each park has different issues.

If the manufacturers still have industrial development needs and policy support, the Bamboo Branch Administration will eliminate difficulties and cooperate with local governments to actively assist in the layout of industrial land to maintain the country’s leading position in semiconductors.

The Longtan Science Park currently has a total development area of 107 hectares, with 43 hectares of leasable land, and the occupancy rate has reached 99%.

Wang Yongzhuang, director of the Bamboo Branch Administration, said that there is no land available for rent in the Longtan Park.

If the manufacturer still has industrial development needs, the Bamboo Branch Administration will handle it in accordance with the regulations and actively assist in semiconductor industrial development.

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