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Augmented reality glasses designed for combat medics

US military doctors may soon be wearing augmented reality glasses. This allows them to watch videos in the field of procedures that they rarely perform and have a step-by-step guide in real time.

Designed for rapid response

Military medics are very important in the military. They are the first to respond to the sick or injured to save the lives of wounded soldiers. They must act quickly to increase their patients’ chances of survival. Despite extensive training, medical professionals do not have the experience and often do not have the time to seek information about an emergency procedure.

The American military research agency Darpa aims to help them with augmented reality glasses. These methods, called Magic (Medical Aid, Guidance, Instruction, and Correction), were developed by the Raytheon Technologies company.

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AI-based help

The Magic system will integrate a database of 50 different procedures with 2,500 stereoscopic videos and approximately 50 million images.

The glasses will also include two cameras associated with an artificial intelligence that can analyze the doctor’s movements and verify that he has followed the steps correctly. AI will also provide important information such as elapsed time or recommended dose.

The glasses are voice controllable and offer automatic assistance thanks to artificial intelligence. The doctor can choose between displaying information or voice guidance to avoid cluttering the field of view. However, the Magic system will not be available in the field for several years.

Read more here: DARPA taps Raytheon Intelligence & Space to create life-saving medical tool

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