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Beats Solo 4 Wireless: Release Date and Latest News

After receiving many criticisms and complaints about the Solo 2, Beats wanted to improve its performance and satisfy its customers again by bringing the Solo 3 to the market. Even though some differences have been implemented in terms of design or functionality, there are still serious flaw with Solo 3 Wireless headphones. Therefore many Beats fans have eagerly await an improved Beats Solo 4 headphones from the brand.

When is the Release Date of Beats Solo 4 Wireless headphones?

The Beats brand and products has been quite passive after Apple’s acquisition of Beats back in 2014. There were also some hearsays that the brand will be slowly shut down in favor of Apple’s Airpods. 

On November, 2021, Apple had decided to discontinue several older Beats headphones options, including the $150 Powerbeats, the $250 Beats Solo Pro, and the $130 Beats EP on-ear headphones. The news were taken as a serious signal of downsizing of the Beats by fans. However, as we mentioned in our Beats Studio 4 release date article, Apple seems to recruiting highly professional individuals in audio equipment field. Apple hired a former HTC design chief “Scott Croyle” to oversee Beats hardware design for new products as 9to5mac reported last year. This may point out that we can see radical changes to new Beats headphones which we highly expect to see on upcoming Beats Solo 4.

Latest Leaks and News about Beats Solo 4

Beats and Kim Kardashian Partnership Summer 2022

In the past, Beats signed several collaborations, but it was always with sportsmen or even popular artists in the field of music.

The partnership between Beats and Kim Kardashian is therefore a first, but apparently Apple made the right choice, as sales of the Beats Fit Pro literally exploded in less than 24 hours on the Beats by Dre site.

The new Moon (light), Dune (medium), and Earth (deep) colors have been highly appreciated by Apple customers. If you follow Kim Kardashian or are familiar with her brand SKIMS, you will quickly see her influence on these options of color. We can expect the same strategy for the new Beats Solo 4 Headphones with a collaboration between a celebrity and Apple.


The Beats Solo3 Wireless are very nice headphones, comfortable to wear as long as the music session is not too long. Its big strong point is undoubtedly its crazy autonomy, which is supplemented by a (really) fast charge. However, this very practical headset (because it can be paired very easily thanks to the W1 chip and the controls are very responsive) suffers from a few problems. Considering the high price of Beats Solo 3, the headphones falls way beyond the quality and functions of the competitors like Sony and Bose. We wonder what improvements can Apple implements to the expected, upcoming Beats Solo 4 headphones.

The microphone turns out to be a bit weak outdoors and the rigid headband becomes uncomfortable after a few hours…

If these points should not put off at first glance, it’s when you remember the very, very high price of these headphones that these problems become really annoying. Apple uses the brandy memory of Beats to actually build lower quality headphones compared to that of competitors’. 

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