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This contact lens reflects Phone notifications to the eye

InWith announced the first soft contact lenses that can display information directly on the eye. It can also improve vision.


It can be integrated into Normal lenses

Virtual reality glasses have been very popular lately, but this technology is very different. InWith introduced a flexible electronic contact lens model at CES 2022. According to the designer’s claims, these soft glasses are almost magical. Flexible and flexible electronic circuits are integrated into the hydrogel lenses.

What are its features?

Besides displaying the contents of a mobile phone before the eyes in augmented reality, these lenses can also correct myopia and presbyopia.

But how? By adapting to the environment, as with progressive lenses.

For InWith, it’s not just a concept. The company hopes to get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval this year, which means the lenses can actually be used to correct vision. For InWith, the longer term goal will be to offer a smooth transition to the metaverse universe with these lenses.

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