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Dyson’s new headphones can also be used as a mask

British manufacturer Dyson has introduced an active noise reduction headset with an air purifier that will protect the wearer from atmospheric and acoustic pollution. Dyson Zone will be released in 2023.

A Combination of Headphone and Mask

Dyson is entering a new market. The brand has launched Dyson Zone, around-the-ear headphones, featuring active noise reduction with an air purifier placed in front of the mouth and nose via a contactless visor.

It has the ability to filter urban pollution, especially by trapping gases, allergens and other fine particles. The Dyson Zone’s ergonomics distribute the weight on both sides of the head, not the top of the head.

Single mask against viruses

As mask sales explode across the planet to protect against the coronavirus, Dyson has filed a patent for an audio headset that can clean the ambient air.

Fans and particulate filters are built into the earcups, and the product can clean more than two liters of air per second. Instead of constantly changing masks, you can use this product and protect yourself.

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