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Meta’s Project Cambria VR device in preparation

Meta is expected to launch the virtual reality glasses Project Cambria in September this year, with the concept of “laptop / Chromebook placed in front of the face”, and the specifications are similar to Chromebooks. 

Project Cambria can also simulate the user’s facial expressions to reduce communication barriers caused by wearing.

The latest news from The Information pointed out that Project Cambria, which can provide users with a convenient working experience, will be based on the concept of “laptop/Chromebook placed in front of the face” and support Android’s Meta VR operating system. 

Project Cambria may have similar specifications to Chromebooks, enabling web-based access to related tools, services, and Quest, but is not expected to support native desktop applications commonly used by businesses.

In addition, Project Cambria’s resolution is also amazing, and the excellent text display effect helps users to complete their work smoothly. It is also equipped with a “full-color passthrough” function, which allows users to achieve MR (mixed reality) effects when wearing the Project Cambria to watch around. 

When paired with the new sensor, Project Cambria can simulate the user’s facial expressions and maintain eye contact with the outside world, which can reduce communication barriers caused by wearing.

A better VR experience than Quest 2

Project Cambria, which is expected to cost about $799, has the opportunity to launch in September, which is more expensive than the Quest 2 on the market, so it may be a better VR experience than the Quest 2. 

Although the internal battery of the Project Cambria is larger than the Quest 2, it has been repositioned to provide the user with a more comfortable and balanced wearing experience.

Source: Metaquest

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