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EU launches a new social network and video website: EU Voice

Recently, the news that Musk bought Twitter has been buzzing, and the norms of Facebook and YouTube have often annoyed users.

Many people have begun to turn to the new open source social networks Mastodon and PeerTube, etc., and the European Union has also recently announced to follow up, launching exclusive EU Voice and EU Video, trying to get rid of the Silicon Valley tech giant.

Mastodon is a free, open-source and decentralized social network launched in 2016. Its operating interface is similar to Twitter, but it is not operated by a single organization, but between servers of different operators. The federated model exchanges data and achieves the goal of decentralization. Each operating site is called an “Instance”, and the post is called a “Toot”.

PeerTube was designed in 2015 by a student named Chocobozzz on the Internet, and was later technically supported by the French non-profit organization Framasoft. outside options.

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), the EU’s data protection supervisory authority, recently announced that it will launch two communities, “EU Voice” and “EU Video” based on the Mastodon and PeerTube frameworks. Website services, as a platform for various EU institutions to interact with the Internet masses.

Personal privacy protection is much stricter

In addition to Mastodon and PeerTube, there are also Pixelfed, which functions like Instagram, and Funkwhale, a streaming music service. These four network services are collectively known as the “Fediverse”, with open source and decentralization as the core concepts. Fight against the tech monopoly of the American Silicon Valley giants.

The European Union has been litigating with Silicon Valley technology companies in the United States for many years on privacy and user data protection, so it is not surprising to join the ranks of the federal universe. After all, the European Union’s regulations on personal privacy protection are much stricter than the United States.

EDPS representative Wojciech Wiewiórowski pointed out in a statement that EU Voice and EU Video will prioritize the protection of privacy and provide Internet users with a choice that is different from the services of technology companies, without any advertisements on them. And for-profit behavior, purely belonging to the public’s social networking site.

While the EU, like many users, is fed up with ad-ridden Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, existing web content creators can make a living from the tech giants’ platforms, so the non-profit, open-source website It still seems difficult to attract these creators to move.

Source: EU Voice

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