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EVGA announces that it will no longer launch new NVIDIA graphics Cards

EVGA, a major manufacturer of graphics cards, announced today that it will stop cooperating with Nvidia in the future, and will not launch new graphics card products. It will only maintain the sales and after-sales service of its existing product lines.

California-based EVGA was established in 1999, specializing in the production of computer-related and peripheral hardware. It has also been a partner of Nvidia for a long time. It has launched many graphics card products and has won a good reputation among global computer users with its high CP value.

However, just as Nvidia is about to launch a new generation of 50-series products, EVGA announced today that it will not launch 50-series products, and will not continue to release any graphics cards in addition to the sales and after-sales services of existing products in the future products.

Since EVGA has never partnered with AMD on a product before, this announcement is an announcement that the company is exiting the graphics card market entirely.

EVGA said that due to Nvidia’s tough pricing strategy, the company suffered unnecessary losses for a long time. For example, before the release of the RTX 3080, Nvidia was reluctant to disclose the purchase price of core chips to EVGA.

This made it difficult for EVGA to plan a pricing and sales strategy, so much so that it lost hundreds of dollars for every RTX 3080 it sold in order to keep the product price in a reasonable range.

Because Nvidia does not respect its partners, EVGA has decided to terminate the multi-year partnership between the two parties, and has since withdrawn from the graphics card market, but will not lay off any employees, and the company’s other businesses will continue as usual.

Regarding EVGA’s allegations, Nvidia only stated in response to media inquiries that it has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the company for many years and will continue to assist EVGA in maintaining after-sales services such as software and hardware updates for existing products in the future.

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