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Feihong Technology launches “280W ultra-high power GaN charger” for laptops

Feihong Technology launched a new gaming laptop power supply at the beginning of this year, which is the world’s smallest gaming power supply at 280W.

It uses a new semiconductor material GaN, which has faster conduction and lower heat generation. It is only about the size of a 180W transformer, and has the advantage of light weight and higher power, bringing breakthrough design and development highlights to the gaming power supply market.

Lin Guanhong, general manager of Feihong Technology’s Smart Power Business Department, said that e-sports notebook computers are equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards, which require higher voltage and current. The charging speed is slow or cannot be charged.

Lin Guanhong pointed out that Feihong Technology’s newly launched “world’s smallest” gaming power supply can save users the trouble of carrying a large power supply. The newly designed GaN-powered 280W charger has an ultra-high-power lightweight power supply. The size and weight are approximately equivalent to the previous 180W power supply, as for the output power, the AM280U-200A-R provides 280 W, allowing users to obtain more power.

Lin Guanhong explained that AM280U-200A-R provides multiple safety protection mechanisms, with “overcurrent protection (> 17.22A), over voltage protection (< 25.35V), overheat protection (Case < 105°C), overload protection (OLP)”, And “short circuit protection” five safety mechanisms.

Lin Guanhong added that the protection mode does not need to go through automatic recovery (auto-recovery), but adopts a more secure latched off. This protection method requires manual restart of the power supply, and the degree of protection is greatly improved, and this new power supply It is also fully Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certified and meets industry standard safety requirements, passing   all specifications under IEC/EN 60950-1, 62368-1, TUV NRTL marks.

Lin Guanhong emphasized that before selecting a power supply, we must first confirm the energy consumption requirements of the gaming notebook, and then filter out the matching voltage, current and output wattage (W). Feihong is specially designed for gaming notebooks. The power supply of 280W GaN gallium nitride charger has breakthrough ultra-high power and volume advantages, and is developing towards the trend of high power, miniaturization and light weight.

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