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Free artificial intelligence bot that makes you an MS Excel master

While everyone is familiar with the Microsoft Office software suite, Excel formulas are considered by the average user to be a daunting feature that requires a certain technical threshold.

But recently, there is a free formula generator on the internet that is worth sharing, which provides users with an easy way to make complex formulas in Excel. Any user can easily and quickly create the formula the user wants by entering text.

Go to the application

Image source: excelformulabot (A total of 407,650 formulas have been produced for user requests.)

Pull down the page and you will see the input box (English only at the moment) where the user can enter the description of the problem they want to solve, and then press the “Create Formula” button in the middle, then the formula will appear in the result box and the user can copy it to Excel.

It should be noted that the more descriptive the user’s description text, the better the output result. If the output is not satisfactory, try to reframe the content and sentences to be more descriptive.

First image resource: excelformulabot

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