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Things to know to prevent your webcam from getting hacked

It has become commonplace to hack webcams. Hackers can take control of the camera without users knowing. It is important to protect yourself from these malicious programs so that you do not become a victim of such attacks.

Espionage through a webcam

Software or computer takeover programs are often the cause of webcam hacking. These are often referred to as RAT (Remote Access Tools) and malware. Cybercriminals use these methods to take control of your devices remotely.

RAT software takes control of computers remotely and allows hackers to access not only the webcam but also files, keystrokes and computer settings.

Viruses enter your system in various ways, each more stealthy than the next. These methods are;

  • Downloading an attachment via email: Opening the downloaded file allows the hacker to take full control of your computer.

  • Clicking on a link through a malicious email (spam): Hackers encourage victims to click on a link to infect their computers. A file is then invisibly uploaded to your computer and gives full access to your device.

  • A USB key or hard drive containing the compromised file: It is possible for this file to be found invisible on the key. It is automatically transferred to the computer to which the device is connected.

  • A website: some sites are infected and still referenced in search engines.

As you can see, there are many ways to infect a computer in order to take control of the webcam. That’s why it’s important to be careful and choose the contents you open carefully. Hackers aim to take screenshots via webcam to blackmail their victims for money. Money is always the primary motivation for a hack.


Protect your webcam from hack

There are many solutions available today to protect your devices from viruses and malware. Anti-Virus programs are usually a good shield against spyware. These computer shields block access and notify you when an intrusion is detected.

It is recommended that you be careful when receiving e-mails from people or companies you do not know. Often email boxes directly classify them as spam.

Sometimes some are very well designed and come straight to your email inbox. In this case, do not click on messages and e-mails from sources you do not trust. Hackers innovate and manage to find solutions to counter the protections.

In most cases, your camera is equipped with an LED light that turns on while the camera is operating. If you see this light on when you’re not using your camera, you can tell there’s a problem. Do not hesitate to clean your computer regularly and check existing and active files.

You can stick a sticker on your camera lens and remove it only when you use your webcam. So hackers will only be able to see a simple black screen. You should be careful against new viruses circulating on the Internet by equipping yourself with a new and effective anti-virus software and prevent it from infecting your computer.


There are many ways to avoid getting your webcam hacked. Some webcams comes with an integrated slider lid to prevent unauthorized access to your. despite this, your voice can be still recorded. You may also want to check out our best webcam list that has many features and software to protect you from being spied on.

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