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Google will integrate more AI technology and short videos

With the technical support of OpenAI, Microsoft seems to have gained the right to speak in the field of AI, and rival Google is also taking action to catch up.

As the Google I/O 2023 developer conference will be held on the 10th, the “Wall Street Journal” has observed from Google’s internal documents that the Google search engine, which has been online for almost 25 years, will undergo a major transformation, which is expected to integrate more AI technologies, short-term video content into the search results.

Google search results currently include URLs, images, and include “others also asked the following questions” and “related searches.”

However, the latest report from The Wall Street Journal, citing internal documents from Google, pointed out that Google is willing to get rid of traditional search results and transform the search engine to make it more intuitive, convenient, personal, and humane, and to provide services for young people around the world.

The effort to revamp Google’s search engine has been informally dubbed “10 blue links,” according to people familiar with the matter.

Not only Bard, Google’s new AI features are expected to be released at the developer conference, including a conversational AI code-named “Magi”.

The Magi project was first revealed by the New York Times in April, and the Wall Street Journal said that Google had gathered a large number of employees to test Magi’s new features before holding a developer conference.

Google hopes to have at least some new changes in the search engine this year. For example, the search results are not limited to YouTube, and may involve the popular TikTok short video content, but there is currently no specific timetable for this part.

At the same time, Google Search is expected to introduce the function of AI dialogue, encouraging users to ask more follow-up questions related to the purpose of the search, and then find answers that cannot be obtained from traditional search results.

“It’s not just the answer, we’ll help you when there’s no right answer,” says an internal document from a senior Google executive.

In addition, internal documents reveal that Google intends to provide necessary attributes on search results and knowledge tools to strengthen the confidence of website owners in the use of content.

Search advertising has always been Google’s most important source of revenue, bringing in more than $160 billion in revenue in 2022 alone,

However, the AI boom detonated by ChatGPT, coupled with Microsoft’s Bing search engine integrating the GPT-4 model and AI chatbots, may shake Google’s search empire.

When people’s access to information on the Internet is gradually changing, the transformation of the search engine represents Google’s willingness to respond positively to this. Next, wait for the developer conference that opens at 1:00 a.m. Taiwan time on the 11th to see what Google will bring to global users. What a surprise to come.

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