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Samsung’s New FOWLP technology DDR6 graphics card memory

Samsung, a major memory manufacturer in South Korea, announced on the 29th the GDDR6W display card memory developed with FOWLP technology.

With the help of large-capacity and high-bandwidth memory solutions, graphics card images can be presented more realistically, meeting growing GPU market demands.

Samsung said that it will release 24Gbps GDDR6 memory in July 2021, and the new generation of GDDR6W will have significant performance improvements over the previous generation of GDDR6.

GDDR6W doubles the bandwidth and capacity while maintaining the same memory size as GDDR6.

Also due to the same size package, it can carry twice the memory chip, the capacity is increased from 16Gb to 32Gb, and the bandwidth and I/O number are increased from 32 to 64.

FOWLP technology installs the memory chip directly on the silicon wafer instead of PCB, and Samsung RDL technology makes the wiring pattern finer.

It does not involve the PCB, so the thickness of the package is reduced and the heat dissipation problem is improved.

FOWLP’s GDDR6W has a height of 0.7mm, which is 36% thinner than the 1.1mm height package.

Even though the chip is a multi-layer architecture, it still offers the same thermal characteristics and performance as GDDR6.

Unlike GDDR6, each package has double the I/O, doubling the bandwidth of FOWLP’s GDDR6W.

In terms of performance, GDDR6W can generate 1.4TB/s bandwidth at 512 system-level I/Os and a transfer rate of 22Gpbs per pin.

Samsung completed the JEDEC standardization of GDDR6W products in the second quarter, and then cooperated with GPU partners to expand GDDR6W applications to small devices such as laptops, as well as new high-performance accelerators such as AI and HPC.

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