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Siemens Gamesa’s giant wind turbine can generate 359MWh of electricity per day

Siemens Gamesa’s 14MW prototype offshore wind turbine produces a staggering 359MWh of electricity in 24 hours.

Siemens Gamesa’s SG 14-222 DD is the world’s largest capacity giant wind turbine.

Also on the list are Mingyang Smart’s MySE 16.0-242 with a single capacity of 16MW, Vestas’ V236-15MW with a capacity of 15MW, and the Haliade-X 13MW wind turbine developed by Qiqi.

Sea giants are taller than normal land turbines, and now manufacturers are committed to commercializing giant turbines.

Among them, the SG 14-222 DD fan blade is about 108 meters long and has a sweeping area of 39,000 square meters.

After adopting the Power Boost function, the capacity of a single fan can be increased to 15MW. Siemens Gamesa hopes to start mass production of SG 14-222 DD fans in 2024.

Peter Esmann, product manager of Siemens Gamesa, said that the power boost function is to increase power by continuously monitoring the on-site environment.

Once the wind turbines have this feature installed, the wind turbines will continue to operate 98% of the time, the function will only stop during storms or bad walruses, and the rated capacity will be reduced from 15MW to 14MW.

Since Siemens Gamesa built the SG 14-222 DD prototype in Østerild, Denmark, testing has started.

The test showed that the wind turbines were running at peak value for 24 hours, and the total daily power generation was only 1 MWh less than the theoretical maximum of 360 MWh, enough to supply 12,414 households in the United States.

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