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The most popular password manager “LastPass” has been hacked

Used by 25 million Internet users and 80,000 companies, LastPass allowed you to store and encrypt your passwords in a safe place. Unfortunately, this American company was hacked.

It’s been a long time since we used a notebook and pen to remember our ever-growing passwords. Today, browsers save our usernames and passwords, and there is even software dedicated to “password management”. One of the most used is LastPass, which is used by 85 million users and 80,000 companies.

Bloomberg reveals that LastPass has been the victim of a massive hacking attack. The application, in which millions of Internet users entrust their passwords, was hacked. According to the company that admitted to the attack, a hacker hacked the account of one of its developers and used this path to access sensitive data.

Lastpass Company confirmed the attack

“We have determined that an unauthorized entity has gained access to parts of the LastPass development environment through a single compromised developer account, and has obtained portions of the source code and certain proprietary technical information from LastPass. According to him, customer data was not stolen: ” After launching an investigation, we have seen no evidence that this incident has compromised access to customer data or passwords”.

For the security of your passwords, it may be safer for you to keep a backup of your passwords by saving them in the note section on your personal computer or phone, or keeping your passwords by writing them down in an old-fashioned notebook and paper is seen as a much safer method in such cases.

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