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YouTube’s new feature lets you skip to most watched part of the video

YouTube has announced a new feature that lets users skip the dullest parts of a video and go straight to the most watched content.

YouTube stated it will add a “Most Replayed” button to the video timeline in the future. When users open a video, they can jump directly to the most watched part of the video. Sometimes YouTube videos are more than ten minutes long, and only the last few seconds are the best, and this feature can make the most of it.

The popularity ratio chart will also be displayed on the timeline, showing the popular clips in the entire video. Users can use this as a reference standard to jump directly to this section. For example, for some long-lived presentations, the audience can jump to the most important place to start watching.

This feature is still in the experimental stage and will be available to YouTube Premium users in a short period of time. Users can then   sign up to use the feature at YouTube.com/New.

In addition, YouTube will bring Chapter indexing to the smart TV and game console versions of the YouTube app.

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