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Hyundai invests $400 million to establish robotics institute

Having established a stronghold in robotics, Boston Dynamics was acquired by South Korean auto company Hyundai at the end of 2020 and recently announced the creation of an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute to promote the development of robotics.

  • The group looks forward to synergies between companies to accelerate the development of cutting-edge robotics with advanced mobility, forecasting and vision capabilities.
  • The group will create a robotic value chain with Boston Dynamics, from robot component manufacturing to smart logistics solutions.

Hyundai Motor recently announced that it will spend $400 million to establish the Boston Dynamics Artificial Intelligence Institute, a subsidiary of Boston Dynamics, to promote artificial intelligence and robotics research.

The institute is located in Massachusetts USA and is led by Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert.

Boston Dynamics has been in the spotlight lately with its robots, but the company’s core business has always been research, and Hyundai expects to profit from it.

Marc Raibert said the institute allows top talent to focus on research without worrying about funding and technical support to help create robots that are more useful, more productive, do more work and work safer with humans.

First image resource: Boston Dynamics

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